Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering

Electrochemical technologies, such as batteries, are an integral part of modern life, and our group is interested in the fundamental principles underlying electrochemical systems.  We thrive to use this understanding to aid in the development of new processes and products.  Commonly, we focus on transport phenomena, electrode kinetics, and design.Because electrochemical reactions are coupled to electrical current, their rates are relatively easy to measure, control, and to exploit for work.  Thus, methods based on electrochemical phenomena are ideal for sensors, energy storage and conversion, and microfabrication processes.  Furthermore, the use of electricity for oxidation and reduction may allow clean production of chemicals. Our group has diverse activities in terms of the applications, with a unifying focus on applying chemical engineering fundamentals to electrochemical systems. Concepts used to characterize and design electrochemical systems are both similar to and different from those used for chemical systems, and we welcome you to learn more.